PRxCloud is a revolutionary cloud-based sales and marketing automation software for Pharmaceutical Marketing & Distribution companies. It is designed to simplify marketing, sales, and daily operations and to empower medical representatives by helping them plan better and maximize sales.

Native IOS and Android Mobile App, designed with the philosophy “Focus Right! Work Smart!!”, is extremely user friendly and convenient. The App has offline capabilities which ensures that there is no interruption during work. It improves productivity of field force by leveraging easy-to-use features such as daily activity reporting, tour planning, assigning targets, expense management, order booking, e-detailing, gift/sample management, RCPA competitive analysis and GPS tracking. Our customers can choose to subscribe PRxCloud in SaaS model or opt for an enterprise license. For enterprise licensing we do offer option of private hosting or in house hosting.

Prominent Features
Real-time & Offline access
Medical representatives can capture and process information in seconds even in offline mode.
360º view
of reports
Efficient monitoring of sales staff activities improves productivity, mitigates false calls and reduces communication gaps.
Daily visit report and planning
Analytics derived from daily visit and planning provides useful metrics to support sales and marketing.
Gift/Sample management
Efficiently tracks gifts/samples meant for physicians.
Expense management
Auto generation of expense statements as per travelling allowances, daily allowances and actual expenses.
Field attendance
Field staff can sign the attendance remotely from the field.
Digital sales presentations are available in offline mode for physicians.
RCPA Competitive analysis
Helps develop better business strategy by analysing market in detail.
Other Features