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Leading Pharma company's
The Problem
A leading pharmaceutical company from Maharashtra has 50+ medical representatives. While on promotional tours, medical representatives had to manually fill daily reports, maintain doctor/chemist master list and plan monthly tour. Review meetings were expensive as all medical representatives had to visit the headquarters to meet the management staff. The company was not aware of master list of doctors, chemists, prescribing doctors and high revenue-generating areas. To solve these problems, the company wished to have a software that could automate the entire process and help in generating more revenue.
We have automated the entire work flow by implementing PRxCloud in this pharma company successfully. Medical representatives can now provide real-time daily report in less than 30 seconds, maintain master list online and plan monthly tour. Managers can now monitor planning, execution, targets, achievements on real-time basis. It also helps in detecting false calls. PRxCloud has helped them in increasing sales by 50%.