Improve Sales team efficiency leveraging the latest technology.
12 Feb 2017

Sales team is the driving force of an organization. The efficiency of the sales team determines the overall growth of the organization as they directly interact with the potential clients, promote products and play a pivotal role in generating revenues.

To help the sales team accomplish this crucial task, organization conducts training programs regularly to enhance their performance, give them performance-based bonus and try to keep them motivated. But is this enough? To expect desired results from the sales team, continuous monitoring of team’s activities is equally important. So, how can the management track daily activities of sales person? Using the latest technology it is now possible to monitor daily activities of the sales staff.

If the sales team is equipped with user-friendly software to record their daily activities, then every layer of management will be aware of the real-time field status. Thus, technology can help in deciding the future course of action to improve sales and marketing strategy.

We have identified the following key areas that need to be automated using the latest technology to help sales team and management work collaboratively and increase overall productivity.

Using a mobile tool, the following areas can be tracked daily.
  •   Client details
  •   Client visit and feedback
  •   Focus on products
  •   Expense management
  •   Daily orders and sales activity
  •   Campaigns and view results
To increase sales team productivity, the following areas can be monitored.
  •   Planning in advance
  •   Knowing previous history of the client who visited
  •   Communication within team
  •   Digital product presentation
  •   Quick activity planning and approval by management
  •   Cognizant of various activities
Keeping track of the following areas can help management analyze sales data better.
  •   Knowing clients and their order pattern
  •   Knowing missed orders
  •   Knowing focus client without sales
  •   Knowing not visited client having sales track
  •   Planning and deviation
  •   Overall presence