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Empower medical representatives, monitor team productivity and maximize sales with PRxCloud by automating MR daily reporting, planning, e-detailing, order processing, expense management and primary & secondary sales management.


What is PRxCloud

PRxCloud is a revolutionary online cloud-based Sales Force Automation product that empowers medical representatives by helping them plan better and maximize sales. It is specifically designed for pharmaceutical industry to simplify marketing, sale and daily operations.

Is a Sales & Marketing automation software hosted on Cloud for Pharmaceutical Marketing & Distribution companies

Consists of online & offline, high performance native mobile app available on Android & IOS devices

Is available as an Enterprise license or Software as a Service

Has a powerful backend portal that helps analyze targets & performance including Bonus Rule Engine

Has a simple and user friendly front end apps to facilitate focused and smart working. It covers functionalities from prospecting to closure, from daily planning to daily reporting, order entry, expense reporting and others

PRxCloud in Action

PRxCloud, already matured in features over the last year and fast expanding its capabilities, is fast gaining the market share.

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Last updated on : 10-Apr-2017

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PRxCloud Working Process


  • Build plan on the fly
  • Joint tour planning
  • Daily route map
  • Get timely reminders about plan
  • See plan report with notes and client history


  • Check calendar, Update activities
  • Mark attendance and visit durations
  • Capture remarks and feedbacks
  • Capture orders
  • Manage expenses
  • Plan next visit


  • Eagles eye view, a centralized real-time dashboard
  • Location and movement tracking (GPS Based)
  • Review plans and enforce execution
  • Timely guide the team
  • Ensure compliance – visits and attendance


  • Targets & Achievements
  • Visits, Sales & Order Dashboards
  • Territory-wise competitive performance analysis
  • Client & Visit Analysis
  • Guidance and appreciation